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Empirical Study of the Grain Industry of the Russian Federation


Roman A. Vakhrameev


The paper scrutinizes Russia’s grain industry. The production and consumption of grain products require detailed research in view of the current challenges to the reliability of Russia’s system of food security. The study reveals a significant reduction in the gross grain harvest in the Volga Federal District. The factor analysis performed using the selected indicators from the system of grain production statistics pointed to eight factors substantially affecting the resulting indicator. In the course of the cluster analysis, the author grouped the regions of the Volga Federal District according to the level of production capabilities of the grain industry on the basis of only four factors that were tested for significance by means of analysis of variance. The correlation and regression analysis allowed establishing the importance of the number of cattle in increasing grain production.

Keywords: grain industry; gross grain harvest; bread products consumption; factor analysis

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For citation: Vakhrameev R. A. Empiricheskoe issledovanie zernoproduktovogo podkompleksa RF [Empirical study of the grain industry of the Russian Federation]. Izvestiya Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo ekonomicheskogo universiteta – Journal of the Ural State University of Economics, 2017, no. 6 (74), pp. 115–127.