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A New Marketing Paradigm of Housing and Public Utilities in the 21st Century


Galina V. Astratova


The paper clarifies theoretical and methodological aspects of applying paradigmatic research methods in housing and public utilities economics. Methodologically the research relies on the theory of “disciplinary matrix” by T. Kuhn, which underlay the following logic of the paper: 1) paradigm as a philosophy of science; 2) marketing paradigm; 3) marketing of housing and public utilities. The research employed the methods of monographic desk study, paradigmatic study, statistical analysis, field study (expert survey). The main result and novelty of the research is the author’s view of the structure of marketing paradigm of housing and public utilities in the context of Kuhn’ disciplinary matrix. On the basis of “symbolic generalizations”, “metaphysical parts”, “values” and “common samples” the author suggests a description of the content of the marketing paradigm of housing and public utilities similarly to Kuhn’ disciplinary matrix, the structure of which encompasses four mentioned elements. The practical value of the research consists in enhancing the set of methodological tools for investigating the concept of marketing in housing and public utilities.

Keywords: marketing; marketing paradigm; disciplinary matrix; housing and public utilities; housing and public utilities economics; marketing paradigm of housing and public utilities.

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For citation: Astratova G. V. O novoy paradigme marketinga zhilishchno-kommunal’nogo khozyaystva v XXI veke [A new marketing paradigm of housing and public utilities in the 21st century]. Izvestiya Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo ekonomicheskogo universiteta – Journal of the Ural State University of Economics, 2018, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 62−78. DOI: 10.29141/2073-1019-2018-19-1-6