• English (United Kingdom)
  • Russian (CIS)
Requirements to abstracts

Abstract is a short independent written statement containing only the most important ideas of a paper. We recommend mentioning the following aspects (in order):

1)   The rationale and the objectives of the paper. The abstract should preferably start with “The article deals with/aims to/explores…”;

2)   Methodological basis. The authors describe the conceptual and theoretical framework of the study (economic or related theories which the research paper is based upon);

3)   Materials and research methods used during the study;

4)   The main findings and their implications;

5)   Conclusions that give answers to the questions indicated in item (1) in accordance with the paper objective and clarify further lines of research .


While writing an abstract the authors should:

– not reproduce the text of the paper as well as its title word for word;

– not include figures, tables, inline notes, abbreviations, authorial contractions as well as information that is not discussed in the article into an abstract;

– present the findings of the work with maximum accuracy; list main theoretical and experimental results, facts, revealed interrelations and regularities;

– use syntactic structures typical of scientific and technical documents; avoid complicated grammatical structures, introductory words and general words.

Recommended volume of an abstract is 150–200 words in Russian and English.