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Health Capital in the System of Regional Economic Security


Andrey V. ZLOKAZOV Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Minister

Ksenia A. ZUEVA Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Head of Coordination and Strategic Development Dept.

Viktor Yu. GRUSHICHEV Head of Cardiology Dept.


The paper studies the problem of forming health capital in the system of regional economic security. It systematizes approaches to the research of human capital elements and determines the subject and principal terminology in the field of health capital. The authors study health capital through the prism of regional economic security, because the former appears to be an important indicator of the national wealth, efficiency of economy, achievements in innovation sphere. Content analysis enabled the authors to identify main components of economic damage resulting from loss of health including morbidity, disability and mortality. Having studied the indicators and methods of economic estimation of value of life, the authors put forward recommendations on creation of motivational mechanisms for retaining and enhancing health capital at regional level.

Ключевые слова: human capital; health capital; regional economic security; investments; economic damage.

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Zlokazov A. V., Zueva K. A., Grushichev V. Yu. Health Capital in the System of Regional Economic Security // Известия Уральского государственного экономического университета. 2017. № 4 (72). С. 57−65.